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Stairway to SDG

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Stairway to SDG

CenSE researchers: Elien Crois

Duration: November 2019 – Mei 2022

Funding: Erasmus+



Stairway to SDG is a partnership between seven organizations from six European countries. This consortium wants to contribute to the implementation of sustainability education in professional education. This is based on concrete personal actions linked to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Contributing as individuals to the SDGs is complex, so we have simplified these goals as much as possible into everyday sustainable practices. We are all jointly responsible for the major sustainability challenges we face now and in the near future, sustainability challenges caused by human actions.

The main research question in this project is "How can education for sustainable development and the SDGs be implemented in professional education?".

Excepted output

Knowledge Platform for Professional Education ( 

The Stairway to SDG platform is aimed at teachers in professional education. Educators who have the opportunity to raise awareness about sustainable development among students and promote debate, sustainability actions and sustainable innovation among students.

Objectives of the platform:

  • Informing and raising awareness about sustainable development.
  • Help teachers to integrate Education for Sustainable Development (EDO) into their teaching practice.
  • Teachers a series of structured activities related to offer the Sustainable Development Goals, tailored to professional education. Learning activities that can be used in teaching practice.
  • Offer teachers examples of good practice to inspire them.
  • Promote the 'Stairway-to-SDG' app, as a self-assessment tool for sustainable behaviour.
  • Provide a community where users can share results and progress.

My.Stairway - Self evaluation app 

To facilitate the work of teachers and to gain insight into the sustainable behavior of students, we have developed a new app. The self-assessment app works as a barometer to encourage reflection in students and to support them in a practice-oriented way to think about and take action to advance the SDGs.

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