Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CenSE) - Odisee
Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CenSE) - Odisee

Measuring bicycle project

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CenSE researchers: Bruno Coessens, Yvan Rooseleer
In collaboration with: 2nd and 3rd year students Applied Computer Sciences
Duration: April 2012 – June 2013
Financing: Fietsersbond vzw
Partners: Fietsersbond vzw

Optimizing and expanding the functionality of an android application that is used by the Fietsersbond to measure the quality of cycle paths. Also visualizing data that was stored in a database in previous projects and acquiring knowledge about Geodata. This knowledge was not yet available at the HUB. A project with a clear social benefit: namely to achieve an improved infrastructure for bicycle use that is a sustainable form of mobility. Through its contribution to this project, the HUB has acquired an image from the knowledge center for setting up databases and smartphone applications in the context of bicycle infrastructure.
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