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Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CenSE) - Odisee

Wim Keygnaert

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Wim Keygnaert is a business developer and researcher at CenSE. He helps companies and organizations innovate through Applied Research (www.Blikopener.Vlaanderen) and also guides ESKI (entrepreneurial skills) students in developing their sustainable business ideas.

He is interested in applying innovation in the daily practice of companies and likes to pool knowledge with other experts on guiding SMEs in sustainable entrepreneurship. He coaches and supports learning processes of individuals in groups. As an expert in Entrepreneurial Learning Networks (PLATO) and cross-border Collaboration, he shares his knowledge locally and internationally in events, projects, steering groups, ....

  • Odisee, Adventure Education 2018–2020
  • ICC International Business Institute International Business, 2013–2014
  • University College Ghent, Master Socio-Profit Management, 2002-2005
  • Ghent University, Masters in Russian Studies 1992-1996
  • University Ghent, Licentiate Political and Social Studies, International Relations 1992–1996
In addition to the aforementioned expertise, Wim Keygnaert provides workshops on how companies and colleges can put sustainability into practice. These workshops aim to contribute to the sustainability objectives within the United Nations Sustainability Agenda 2030. Thanks to his expertise within the VOKA Chamber of Commerce East Flanders, he also provides support for the valorization of applied research in companies through project partnerships, learning networks, etc.
  • An Odisee practice-oriented scientific research project on customer-driven innovation conducted research into what drives SMEs and consumers to share ideas and turn them into innovation. We developed an idea generation platform that brings SMEs and consumers together on concrete innovation actions.
  • An ESF transnational project, called Employable IT experts on hybrid learning forms that facilitate dual learning in the field of ICT. Output: creation of HBO5 on IT within the Odisee curriculum.
  • A Scheldemond fund research project on internationalization for SMEs within the Scheldemond region (East and West Flanders and Zeeland) March 2018-November 2018). The output: a research report and policy advice.
  • Erasmus + Hecos for Ethics project forms of learning for companies, schools and NGOs in function of ethical and sustainable business operations. Output: an online catalog with international training that uses formal, informal and non-formal learning. Output for Odisee: the summer school international sustainable management.
  • Erasmus + CV plus project (September 2016-August 2017) on corporate volunteering as a bridge between education and business. Output: info and approach for companies and schools to put corporate volunteering into practice.
  • ESF dual learning project (November 2015 to April 2017): how to put dual learning into practice. Output: a website and guidance for schools and companies regarding workplace learning.
  • Practice-oriented scientific research project Circular transition, on how sustainable partnerships are formed in the circular economy, viewed from the Quintuple helix model.
  • Learning network facility management in schools
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Important publications 
  • GRENZELOOS ONDERNEMEN, Onderzoek naar de ondersteuning behoeften van KMO’s inzake internationaal ondernemen binnen de Euregio Scheldemond (November 2018).  
  • Grenzeloze Kansen voor Werk (2012): 10 Opportuniteiten voor Scheldemond om grensoverschrijdende arbeidsmobiliteit te faciliteren.  
  • Grenzeloze Kansen voor Werk (Update 2014) 
  • The Baltic States in an Enlarging European Union: Towards a Partnership between Small States (institute for European Policy, 1999)
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