Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CenSE) - Odisee
Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CenSE) - Odisee

About Cense


CenSE carries out innovative and high-quality practice-oriented scientific research into how sustainable entrepreneurship can be put into practice at family businesses and SMEs.
We conduct independent, scientifically objective and ethical practice-oriented research for the sustainable management of SMEs and family businesses. CenSE carries out both study assignments for local stakeholders (for example, companies, local authorities, business support bodies and stakeholders who advocate for sustainable business), as well as international subsidy providers (for example in the context of ESF, Interreg, ERDF, Erasmus +, and other European programs) and assignments in the context of internal research resources.


Practice-oriented Scientific Research within CenSE contributes to social value creation. This valorization aims to translate scientific research on sustainable entrepreneurship into the practice of SMEs and family businesses through the development of learning forms, tools, guidance and other instruments that can be used directly by SMEs and family businesses. Co-creation is the work form in which CenSE gives shape to the Odisee value "connect" and is also an interpretation of the "partnership" concept within the SDGs and the 2030 Sustainability Agenda of the United Nations.


CenSE plays a leading role in education about sustainable entrepreneurship. Both entrepreneurial competences and sustainability competencies form an important theoretical framework for this. CenSE is strong in competence research and develops tools that can be used in education and professionalization. Various training modules have already been developed by CenSE and are offered in both regular training and in-service training.
Here not only the students are addressed, but also teachers and their own researchers are invited to continue to develop themselves. The continuous development and stimulation of these competencies are therefore at the basis of state-of-the-art research.


The Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CenSE) arose from the merger of the Study Center for Entrepreneurship - the former SME study center of the HUB on the one hand and the Center for Sustainability Odisee (CSO) on the other. The team that was created in this way tries to connect practice-based research and education from a diversity of expertise to support sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation in family businesses and SMEs.
The SVO is the oldest study center in our country that conducts scientific research into entrepreneurship. The SVO is the spiritual continuation of the SME Study Center that came to the K.U in 1983. Brussels was founded by prof. Dr. Rik Donckels. In 2002, Prof. Johan Lambrecht took over and the name was transformed into Study Center for Entrepreneurship. The SVO conducts scientific research independently, with an explicit practice-oriented focus on family businesses and SMEs, and has built up a solid reputation in the scientific and entrepreneurial world over the years.
The Center for Sustainability Odisee is a recently established research core that focuses on sustainable research. The 2030 sustainability agenda and sustainability objectives of the United Nations form a guiding framework, with a focus on prosperity and people clusters in the first instance. This is reflected in the connection with the spearheads of the Business Administration study area such as entrepreneurship, in the current projects of the research group and in the competencies present within the team. In addition, various partnerships allow us to work on the other sustainability objectives.

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