Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CenSE) - Odisee
Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CenSE) - Odisee

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Competence development

CenSE plays a leading role in education about sustainable entrepreneurship. This includes both encouraging entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit among students. But also the focus on future-oriented, sustainable competencies. We focus on both professional and academic higher education students. In addition, we also have an offer aimed at teachers and lecturers.

The research center wants to contribute to optimal professionalization on the basis of competence research (both with regard to business and sustainability competencies and the interaction between the two) and tool development.

Contact: Karen Brabant

Educational offer

We support various educational modules, both at the bachelor level (inter alia ESKI, Broeikas) and at the academic level (inter alia Entrepreneurship and SMEs), as well as at the level of continued education (inter alia adviser family businesses, family business school for successors and international sustainable management program). In addition, various final projects at Bachelor's and Master's level are supervised each year that arise from research themes related to sustainable entrepreneurship.

We also have an extensive educational offer for high schools, university colleges and universities. A selection from our educational offer:
  • Seminar: introduction to research methodologies
  • Workshop: Do you already have your critical glasses on?
  • Coffee barometer game on sustainability competencies
  • Workshop: SDGs within my research team
  • Lecture: How to integrate co-creation in my teaching assignment?
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