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Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CenSE) - Odisee


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Mobility for VET in Europe

CenSE researchers: Lennerd Kevelaerts

Duration: January 2021 - June 2024

Funding: European Commission (DG EAC) – Second pilot mobility scheme for Western Balkans EAC/S54/2019

Partners: ENAIP NET (Lead partner - Italy), EVTA (Belgium), AKMI SA (Greece), Wisamar (Germany), Centro San Viator (Spain), KPT (Albania), AVETAE (Kosovo), APPK (Kosovo), ZOPT (Montenegro), EAM (Montenegro), Vocational Secondary School of Pljevlja (Montenegro)



Aim of this project
MoVET will contribute to the realisation of capacity building, in-service training and networking to support the internationalisation of vocational education and training institutions of Western Balkan countries. The overall objective is to contribute to the improvement and modernisation of education in Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. Furthermore, MoVET wants to intensify their collaboration with the labour market, by organising mobility activities to improve staff and student skills.

Expected outputs

Several outputs will be achieved during this project:

  • development of an internationalisation strategy for each of the participating Western Balkan organisations;
  • training for staff through training weeks in EU countries, webinars and a learning platform;
  • creating local networks and connecting them to EU networks and labour markets;
  • development of SMMMs (Sustainable Mobility Management Models);
  • setting up pilot mobility facilities for students from the Western Balkans to the EU.
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