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Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CenSE) - Odisee

Stairway to SDG 3.0

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Stairway to SDG 3.0

CenSE researchers: Tineke Jacobs

Duration: March 2022 - December 2024

Funding: Erasmus+

Partners: Amycos, Idycos, Mediterranean Centre of Environment, Rosto Solidário, Predict, Tyto SRL



Stairway to SDG 3.0 is a partnership between seven organisations from six European countries. This consortium aims to contribute to the implementation of sustainability education in professional education based on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The previous project on this theme (Stairway to SDG) focused on sustainability education in the physical form, where teacher and student have face-to-face contact. The project's output consisted of a knowledge platform ( and a self-assessment app.

The current project focuses on the digital aspect, with students receiving online lessons. These can be 'synchronous' lessons, where the teacher can provide live explanations of activities at a set lesson time, or asynchronous lessons, where the student goes through the material independently at a self-selected time.

This facilitates the possibility of implementing content from both projects in a blended lesson design, combining physical lessons and online lessons.



  • Digital e-learning platform with study materials for professional education and an online game;
  • Handbook for teachers;
  • Concise overview for teachers of the content and activities available on the digital platform.
Stairway to SDG 3.0
Co-funded by the European Union
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