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Entre-MWB - Development of practical and reflective learning materials that supports and promotes Mental Well-Being (MWB) amongst entrepreneurs of Europe

CenSE-researcher: Wouter Broekaert 

Duration: January 2021 - June 2023

Funding: Erasmus+, KA202 - Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training

Partners: Projects Beyond Borders Ltd. (United Kingdom), Mediasphere Group Ltd (United Kingdom), Stichting Avans (Netherlands), UC Leuven-Limburg (Belgium), Odisee vzw (Belgium), Instituto de Empreendedorismo Social (IES) (Portugal), Asociacija MINTIES BITES (Lithuania), Businet VZW (Belgium), Nordic EdTech Forum N8 (Estonia)



Too few entrepreneurs manage to strike the right balance between their business, personal life and mental well-being. To support theose entrepreneurs, the Entre-MWB project was established. Entre-MWB is an international research project aimed at developing practical learning materials to support and improve the Mental Well-Being (MWB) of European entrepreneurs. Our international collaboration, with partners from Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Portugal, Estonia and Lithuania consists of three university colleges, two SMEs, two professional organisations and two social enterprises.



The final objective is to create an accessible web platform where entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs-to-be can find various types of information to improve their mental well-being. This includes information about networking, self-reflection, time management and building resilience. On the web platform, experts and entrepreneurs provide hints and tips and share their own challenges and experiences. Freely accessible video testimonials are thereby complemented by written resources for entrepreneurs as well as trainers and teachers.



During our one-day event on the 23rd of May, we will reveal a diversity of tools and techniques that we have researched and created during the last 18 months to help (aspiring) entrepreneurs manage, understand and improve their mental well-being. Participation in this event is free.

Register for the closing event here!

ErasmusPlus: Co-funded by the European Union

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