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Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CenSE) - Odisee

Saskia Vanden Eede

Short bio
Saskia obtained a degree in Applied Economic Sciences at UGent and supplemented this with a specialization in marketing at VLEKHO Business School.
Since 2011, she has been a lecturer in marketing, mainly within the "marketing communication" cluster, which also includes digital marketing. She monitors the learning line information and research skills and is a Bachelor's thesis coordinator for the Business Management course. In addition, she supervises practical studies of students as well as Bachelor's degrees.
Saskia was active in the work field for many years (at Barry Callebaut), resulting in 14 years of marketing experience in project management, website management, market and data analysis, market research and innovations. She actively participated in various research projects in the business world, including research into innovations, brand and product positioning and taste. Thanks to the previous work field experience, the various contacts from the university (through concrete student projects, guest lectures, company visits) and active participation in the 'Technology & Marketing' expert hub of the Belgian Association for Marketing (BAM), she built up an extensive network in marketing business.
Together with the ICT research group, she is also working on the Data Smart Entrepreneurship (PWO) project (2017-2019), which aims to raise awareness among smaller SMEs regarding the use of online data to make smarter management decisions. This cross-border cooperation has since been continued because of the real opportunity to start a new line of research on the (sustainable) use of data and technology for SMEs in different sectors and for different purposes.

She also collaborates on the TETRA project START2AIM. This project aims for SMEs to...

  • get acquainted with AI technology, the starting conditions and examples within marketing automation
  • gain insight into their own business processes and data in order to recognize strategic personalization cases
  • gain practical experience in how personalization cases can be technically developed using AI
  • use a roadmap to get started with your own AI project.


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