Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CenSE) - Odisee
Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CenSE) - Odisee

Expertise 4

Socio-economic sustainability

CenSE values the humane and social aspects of sustainable entrepreneurship. Previously focused on sustainable HRM, employment evolution, and inclusive entrepreneurship within "socioeconomic sustainability," the focus is now shifting to "social entrepreneurship." Driven by the recognition of social impact and sustainability, CenSE deeply examines enterprises that combine economic value and social impact. The cluster will analyze the survival and growth mechanisms of social enterprises, including competencies, business models, collaborations, and impact measurements across various types and organizations.

Current projects

European Social Innovation Campus (ESIC)

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Supporting community-based entrepreneurship and solidarity through civic crowdfunding

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Past projects

NeoParent 2.0: Neonatology - Family focus

NeoParent 2.0 extends a previously developed app to support parents with a neonatal baby to the wider family. After all, in addition to the support that the app now offers during the hospital stay, there was a need for a broader context. A unique approach to co-creation is used to provide the necessary material to optimize the quality and continuity of care for the broad family when admitting to 'Neonatal Intensive Care' (NIC).

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Disability Inclusive Job Crafting

With the ESF project "Disability Inclusive Job Crafting" we want to increase the employability of employees with a physical and mild intellectual disability by supporting them in "wanting", "being able" and "daring" job crafting.

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Broodje MIXXL – Combination strategies for the Sandwich generation

Private-work balance, a case for 20 and 30 something? Yes, BUT.

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