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Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship (CenSE) - Odisee

Job Yourself

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CenSE researchers: Ingrid Molderez
Duration: December 2011 – June 2014 
Financing: Ministry of the Brussels-Capital Region, Minister Fremault
Partners: Bruxelles Emergences, BEMG, DEBUut, Job Yourself vzw

One of the initiatives within the Brussels-Capital Region to stimulate entrepreneurship and thus reduce unemployment is JobYourself. This organization is the result of the collaboration between Bruxelles-Emergences and DEBUuT, two activity cooperatives that have been active in this field for several years. Candidate entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to work out their project under supervision and to test it in the market for a limited period while retaining their unemployment benefits.

JobYourself aims for a social impact that is at the same time broader and more nuanced than the number of candidate entrepreneurs who have become self-employed or have found a job. The social dimension and the positive impact on society are also important because of the project that is being realized specifically by candidate entrepreneurs.

In the first research phase, a self-employment scan was developed at the micro level. JobYourself is the research project, but the scan is done with the candidate entrepreneurs who are guided towards self-employment.

In a second research phase, the self-employment scan is tested, adjusted and fine-tuned and applied to current candidate entrepreneurs.

In a third research phase, the social impact within JobYourself is monitored and the validated method is applied to other forms of organizing contexts to promote (self) employment.
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