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Equbusiness: Gender diversity on corporate boards

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Gender diversity on corporate boards

CenSE researchers: Tineke Jacobs

Duration: March 2022 - June 2024

Funding: Erasmus+

Partners: Dokuz Eylül University, Bursa Uluda─č University, University of León, ATWORKSOLUTIONS, Vytautas Magnus University



Gender diversity in corporate decision-making would lead to a development of economic and social welfare. Research shows that increasing women's voice on boards increases the positive impact of gender diversity on values and sustainability. Increasing women's representation on boards must therefore go beyond mere numbers and quotas. 

Mandatory and voluntary regulatory actions use external corporate governance mechanisms as regulation. However, when gender diversity is promoted solely by external mechanisms, the benefits are limited. Internal corporate governance mechanisms that promote gender diversity on boards have not yet been researched. 

In this project, internal corporate governance mechanisms and best practices from different cultures in Europe that promote gender diversity will be identified and promoted through adult education modules.

The main objective of the project is thus to identify internal corporate governance mechanisms that support gender diversity and women's voice on corporate boards in different cultures and find commonalities to promote them across countries. Because the project partners have diverse cultural and regulatory profiles, corporate policies and best practices will be generalisable globally.

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Expected outputs

  • digital adult education modules and an e-book for current and potential board members;
  • a publicly accessible digital interactive platform for all business stakeholders, promoting gender diversity and women's voices;
  • a roadmap towards sustainable development goals, targeting European companies. 
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