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From Practice-Oriented Trainings to Employable IT Experts

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CenSE onderzoekers: Yvan Rooseleer, Elien Crois, Wim Keygnaert

Looptijd: Afgelopen

Financiering: ESF

Promotor: Syntra West


Dit project gaat na welke digitale competenties vereist zijn voor de future workforce, voor toonaangevende spelers in IT en voor hogescholen. 



In the preparatory research phase (January-May 2018) of this ESF project, we want to explore the possible solutions for the substantial lack of qualified IT profiles given that many IT jobs have become structural shortage occupations.  
The project’s objective is to increase the degree of innovation in ICT trainings and to enhance the employment rate in the ICT sector through innovative and applied (in the form of dual and digital) learning programmes. These trainings will differ from the already existing offer due to their innovative factor and the flexibility to respond quickly to the needs and innovations of the IT market. The integration and full-fledged development of dual learning in these programs seems crucial. How this can be done exactly and with which relevant national and international stakeholders will be further explored during the preparatory phase of this project.  

The exact needs and opportunities of the foreseen potential target groups will be identified in consultation with partners in Belgium and abroad.

Verwachte output

We want to combine the expertise and experiences of partners on a national and international level with the aim to:
  • Develop innovative ICT trainings with a substantial component of dual learning.
  • Increase the number of well-trained employable IT graduates who can get hired immediately for bottleneck jobs.
  • Establish new partnerships between ICT learning companies, training centres and schools.
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